Acer iconia 6120 ghost touch fix

Acer iconia 6120 lcd rear case am0f9000200, for 14. Acer iconia one 10 b3a30 repair screen replacement. The device was released on january 2011 in the united states, and earlier in europe, though the exact dates are not known. Discover new and immersive ways to view and interact with your favorite videos, photos, websites and movies. The acer ring interface on the iconia 6120 is a cool way to interact with the notebook. I had installed win 8 cp and after 2 days, decided it wasnt for me. Appearing on the either side of the acer ring is a. Acer iconia 6120 mod to recognize msata port like their. The touch screens work out of the box adding acers win7 x64 drivers helps with finegrained precision. First look at acers dual screen, no keyboard iconia laptop. From the outside, the acer iconia 6120 looks like a fairly classy high end notebook with a metal champagne lid and underside cover, polished gloss black plastics and a 14 laptop footprint. Acer iconia 484g64ns or 6120 dual screens with ghost.

Hello can acer please have any official words about this problem, starting firstofall to acknowledge the problem which clearly affect plenty of these acer iconia 484g64ns or 6120 why is it so difficult for acer to face responsabilities. Fear and loathing in windows 8 with the acer iconia 6120 dual. I researched the thing in the interwebs as well as i have done my own tests. In this video i have shows how to fix ghost touching issue or touchscreen issue in laptops, all in one systems and monitors which are touch enabled. Acer iconia dual screen ghost touch in windows 8 youtube. Q any other acer iconia dual touchscreen owners at xda. How to fix ghost touch screen issues on windows 10 driver talent. Encuentra laptop tablet acer iconia 6120, dual touch screen. The acer iconia tab 6120 is a touch screen tablet computer made by acer and unveiled on 23 november 2010. Acer iconia tab a501 motherboard replacement motherboard replacement guide for the acer iconia tab a501. Acer aspire iconia 2x14 inch hd dual touchscreen panels intel core i5480m processor.

Pc mag the acer iconia 6120 a laptop with dualscreen laptop is as is a unique and innovative take on multitasking, but. How do i perform a factory data reset on my acer iconia a210. I powered it on and noticed peculiar false ghost touches towards the bottom of. I dont know if this is the hardware malfunctioning, but my screen sometimes flicker and even closes i. Theres not a lot available, but some additional menus are accessible. I have a acer iconia 6120 dual touch screen laptop.

Buy the acer iconia6120 14 dualscreen touchbook at a super low price. I believe this is a bug and hopefully will be fixed in upcoming versions. The content on this page may be outofdate or have been superseded by newer information, and links on this page to other sites may not work. Acer iconia 6120 bottom touch screen ghost touch on onsreen keyboard. It might be possible to tweak it a bit more, but i dont want to break anyones machine, but in case youre interested and understand the risk, let me know. Weve already seen a strong push into touchscreens on laptops as the tablet market has grown. Because acer policy seems not to refund money, i hope that a solution coming from acer will be sent to. There are a couple different ways to erase user data from the tablet. I have successfully applied the suggested bios mod to the acer iconia 6120 dual touch screen netbook. I have recently gone and bought a dueltouch screen acer iconia 484g64ns, from ebay. Since it was under warranty, acer had me send it in and they would fix it. Acer iconia 6120 lcd front bezel ap0f9000500, front bezel with touch screen for 14 acer iconia 6120 lcd front bezel 122.

Fear and loathing in windows 8 with the acer iconia 6120 dualscreen touchbook. One method is to select the reset option on the software menus and the other method is to use a key combination on boot. Acer iconia w4 820 touch screen top one third not registering. Dont just think of the iconia6120 as a laptop with two touch screens and a virtual keyboard. Touch screen digitizer for acer iconia tab a3a20 white.

Its definitely receiving power but the machine doesnt know its there. After i bought my iconia 6120, i began having major problems with ghost touching. I had this issue before i have installed windows 8 on it. Over the last year or so i see there have been numerous messages about ghost touching problems with the iconia 6120. The digitizer must be replaced it will make the touch work. Acer iconia 484g64ns or 6120 dual screens ghost touches. I recently removed my acer iconia tablet from my closet after six months. Solved iconia 6120 compatability laptop issues arch. Also there is a problem with the lower right screw on upper screen plastic infront of the touch panel you dont need this as it transfer static charge remove for less ghost click. How to fix ghost panthmtouch on windows 10 devices and.

This highly intuitive interface is designed to provide a more natural interaction with the device, so that a simple gesture of your hand will allow you to launch and manage applications. Tap the top panel when prompted to touch this screen to identify it as the touchscreen. Because acer policy seems not to refund money, i hope that a solution coming from acer will be sent to owners of. If youre looking for a fresh approach to a windows laptop, the acer iconia6120 is the most original interpretation ive ever encountered to date. Acer aspire iconia 2x14 inch hd dual touchscreen panels intel. Ghost touch problem on acer, hp, dell windows tablets and its. The toshiba libretto w105 had two 7inch displays and was about the. My question is that i have purchased the recovery disk straight from acer. The second i start to update it goes form 10 to 4 point touch. Ghost touch can still come back in the driest part of winter when i wear a wool sweater and use my iconia, but holding both the lid and bottom metal plates and grounding myself has been enough to make it go away at those times. Its 6 months old, still under warranty and in perfect condition. Repairing acer iconia b1a71 touch screen digitizer.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Solution to iconia 6120 ghost touch issue acer community. The laptop is the acer iconia 6120 dualscreen which although is a normal laptop, instead of screenkeyboard combo has 2 touch screens and a virtual keyboard. I have sent the laptop into acer repair 3 times to fix the buggy touch screen issue they are very quick to return it to me, they have it for 12 days tops before i get an email telling me its fixed and they are shipping. The touch screen is made with glass that was meticulously chosen to. Acer iconia dual touch screen ghosting fault november. Laptop mag ende weve slammed a lot of windowsbased consumer tablets for not taking the touch experience seriously. I went ahead and loaded windows 7 ultimate on my laptop and managed to get my computer to work. Iconia delivers a visual experience like no other with all your multimedia, entertainment, communication and even web pages seamlessly flowing across dual screens.

Replace the broken or defective speaker to restore sound to your tablet. If your hp, dell or lenovo touch screen is not working, try these methods to fix the ghost touch. Think of the computer mouse, it didnt replace the keyboard, but. Need a good quality touch screen digitizer for acer iconia tab a3a20. Im wondering if anyone has heard of anyone getting the touchscreens working. In 2014 the bottom touch screen virtual key board started malfunctioning. The acer iconia touch screen is optimised for finger navigation and does not require stylus pen. Acer iconia dual screen ghost touch in windows 8 youtube acer iconia touch problem youtube iconia 6120 screen clicking self youtube iconia dual screen problem youtube.

To fix the ghost touches on the display use the graphics driver from acer not. I definitely believe this is a touchscreen hardware issue and youre. Although its not a deal breaker, i would like them working. Could not down grade so i wiped the system and have installed win7 pro.

Acer has introduced a dualscreen tablet, the iconia6120 dualscreen touchbook, as the worlds first and only tablet to offer two touchenabled 14. Acer iconia dual touch screen ghosting issue youtube for other iconias with the same or similar problems see the following links. I am wondering if anyone on the forum has an acer iconia 6120. Ive spent a week with acer support to see if they could help and they determined that i would have to reload with there disc. Well i followed the recovery instructions to the letter and was unable to recovery my laptop. Each 14 hd widescreen ledbacklit lcd provides a seamless way to social network, view hd videos and manage your digital world.

As of 11112012 acer does not support the iconia 6120 for windows 8 either by its. Lenovo yoga book features unique ondemand keyboard. Why is my screen not reaponding to touch acer iconia one 10 b3. The problem with it is that the upper screen registers so called ghost touches more info below. I noticed my acer iconia 6120 has gone from 10 touch points to 4 touch points with windows 8. Aconia 6120 dual touch screen ive tried to install w10 several times over the last 6 mnths, but without success. It seems most of the the hardware on the acer iconia 6120 is linuxready, including the dual displays. The touchcentric interface thrives on an all touch laptop and the built in textprediction works well too, adding with the machines one weak spot. Warning warning warning windows 8 release to manufacturers rtm enterprise drivers do not work for the acer iconia. Also there is a problem with the lower right screw on upper screen plastic infront of the touch panel you dont need this as it transfer static charge remove for less ghost. As of 11112012 acer does not support the iconia 6120 for windows 8 either by. Acer iconia 6120 wireless antenna cable dc33000qr40, dc33000qr30. Repairing acer iconia b1 tablet touchscreen problem. Fear and loathing in windows 8 with the acer iconia 6120.

The acer iconia 6120 isnt the first dualscreen windows 7 tablet on the block. However i have not found any posts decribing how to permanently solve this problem, other than sopmeone who wanted payment for providing details of the fix. The iconia was first announced at an acer press conference in new york city on 23 november 2010. Though acer did a decent job with the touch features, replacing the laptops lower deck with a fullsize touchscreen is a poor tradeoff. Msi replacement keys keycaps laptop keyboard key replacement. They aparently opened the back pannel and blew it out with canned air and claimed they could not reproduce the problem. This is the replacement front glass panel and digitizer for the acer iconia tab a3a20 lcd not includede. I have also had ghost touch issue running on battery though find it only. Built for mobility and to solve the most common challenge among tablet.

Im keen to get windows 10 working correctly on this model both for myself and other acer iconia 6120. I own one and as much as i like it, the one thing that is very weak about the design is its 4 cell battery which yields at best 1 hr 45 min with everything toned down. The ghost touch screen, aka phantom touches, happens when you see the laptop screen reacting as if it has been touched with an invisible finger. I was experiencing ghost touch phantom touch issues on my acer iconia w4 820 tablet. Open it up, and the iconia looks like something out of a scifi flick. Acer iconia 6120 bottom touch screen ghost touch on onsreen keyboard page 1. It is not my drivers because i put one of my clones in and it has 10 touch points until i start to update.

Childhood tech exposure is slowly killing the keyboard hackaday. Acer iconia 6120 bottom touch screen ghost touch on. Hi i bought a acer iconia 6120 dual touch screen laptop in 2011 when i was in us. Acer iconia 14 tablet dual screen discussion in acer gateway started by vap3, mar 6, 2012. Although menu is much more verbose and moderately useful to me, the bios still doesnt recognize that theres an msata ssd drive in the port on the unit.

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